La D de Dior

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Dior presenting a newly reinvented horological icon: ‘La Mini D de Dior’ Satine, designed by Dior Joaillerie creative director Victoire de Castellane. Inspired by couture and ribbon, the mesh bracelet intertwines thousands of gold or steel threads to create a metal ribbon that wraps around the wrist.
Today, La Mini D de Dior Satine, takes its inspiration from couture and ribbons to draw a new line around the wrist.

This reinterpreted skin-caressing ribbon secures the connection, strong as gold and steel, the designer has been weaving between couture and watches over the years. With it, she revisits a cherished item of the House since its founding.
All the age-old skill of the watchmakers was called upon to ensure the metal would have this level of flexibility. Thus, the bracelet in Milanese mesh is inspired by the centuries-old art of passementerie. Thousands of gold or steel threads intertwine in order to marry the curves and wrist movements as if the mesh was flowing over the skin. La Mini D de Dior Satine, with its steel bracelet, mother-of-pearl dial and nineteen or twenty-five centimeter diameter, diamond-set bezel, comes in five models. There are two additional versions combining a bracelet in yellow and rose gold with a golden sunray-brushed dial encircled by a diamond-set bezel.

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