Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld died

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The famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld died at the age of 85.
Lagerfeld in the Paris hospital struggled to fight the tough illness that hit him a few months ago.
Lagerfeld has sparked speculation about his health a few weeks ago, when he missed the first time at the final show of his haute couture fashion collection for Chanel. Nevertheless, his representatives, as well as representatives of the Parisian studio, refused to support any conjecture about his state of health.
A known designer was born in a wealthy Hamburg family Karl Otto Lagerfeldt. Thanks to the financial of the family environment, he could fully focus on his passions and hobbies during the adolescence. Fashion was among him. As a 19-year old he traveled to Paris, where he caught almost instantly. His design at the International Wool Prize for Coat Design in 1955 won, and Pierre Balmain noticed it. The offer he received ranks him among the “new” names of the Parisian fashion scene. He spent less than three years in the studio of the French designer.
He then joined Balmaina in the Jean Patou studio and until 1963 he held the position of chief designer. After a few years, he decided to accept the offer of the Italian family Fendi (1965), which tried to revive the furry industry of its not just a thriving business with a long history. For work at Fendi, alongside which he worked for a short time in the fashion house of Chloé,  he took Chanel offer in 1983.
Lagerfeld gradually became one of the most beloved designers in his work, and his studio breathed a second breath. In the brand logo he interpreted the initials of CC Coco Chanel, working with symbols such as camellia flowers or tweed jacket, chains, pearls and gold accents, or famous handbags. At the same time, however, the brand rejuvenated and, in particular, brought to the minds of potential customers the feeling that owning Chanel is not only a sign of bourgeois prestige, but also of fashionable necessity and uniqueness. Many legendary pieces of this brand have been created by Chanel himself under the wing years. In his creative designs, he drew inspiration all over the world, and he also took models, models, and customers into the world.
In spite of the high age, he managed a really high pace until the last minute. Only for Chanel Lagerfeld proposed six collections a year, four for Fendi. He did not, however, in the love of his colleagues who complained about such pressure and complained that he was enjoying artistic freedom. Although Lagerfeld believed in art and was his great admirer and confessor, fashion also perceived as a commercial world, design and sketching as his job and customer desires stood first.

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