Estée Lauder Courrèges Collection

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Modern and futuristic – limited edition Courrèges collection from Estée Lauder.
French designer André Courrèges had a vision of beauty as modern, futuristic and cool as his clothes.
Now Estée Lauder partners with the famed fashion house so you can create your own Courrèges look for today.
Best known for his futuristic fashion, designer André Courrèges revolutionized the global couture and design worlds in the 1960s.With an aesthetic grounded in movement, purity, and light, the innovative, timeless and colorful world of Courrèges is still visionary today.
Parts of the collection are: cremes that helps protect and condition. Lips with a shiny, transparent wash of color for a subtle, chic look, in a high-shine, high-impact finish. Eye pencils, eye amplifiers, face powders and more.

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